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ISNULL function defined

ISNULL is a Microsoft T-SQL function created to recognize NULL values and respond with a replacement value. It is designed to replace a NULL value with an actual value to preserve data or prevent calculated results from being skewed.  It is NOT standards based therefore it is not portable outside of a Microsoft SQL server environment.   The syntax is quite easily understood since there are only 2 arguments.

The syntax looks like this.

ISNULL ( check_expression , replacement_value )

The <check_expression> is what we are asking the ISNULL function to examine to see if the value “is null” and if it is NULL  then replace it with the specified <replacement_value> .


Firstly note the presence of NULL placeholders in the “region” column of the following table

ISNUL Result1


The following example replaces the NULL placeholders with the string ‘No Region’

--Download DB install files. Click on this>>
--ISNULL to replace the NULLS with the string 'No Region' 
USE ClassicModels2014;
SELECT CustomerName, Addressline1, city, ISNULL(region, 'No Region')AS Region, postalcode
FROM dbo.Customers;

ISNULL results 2


The following example replaces the NULL placeholder with the number 0 before the AVG() function (average), performs its calculation on the discount column. It also illustrates how the AVG() function calculates a different result because it ignores the rows with NULL value (row count), in its calculation of (SUM ÷ row count).

-- Download DB install files. Click on this>>
  SELECT AVG(discount) AS "Without NULLs Replaced", AVG(ISNULL(discount,0)) AS "With NULLS Replaced"
  FROM [ClassicModels2014].[dbo].[OrderDetails];




It should be noted that the MySQL database management system also has an ISNULL function but it serves a different purpose. The MySQL equivalent is called IFNULL. Also if you wish to write code that is more portable you should consider using the standards based COALESCE function instead.

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